About Naila

My Skills

Advanced non-surgical periodontal treatment

Routine prophylactic hygiene treatment

Motivational Interviewing

Dental Advocacy

Dental Education

Effective time management

Patient Risk assessment

Advanced periodontal charting

Fissure sealants

Paediatric extractions

Paediatric preformed crowns

Temporary re-cementation of adult crowns

Composite restorations

Amalgam restorations

Radiograph capture and processing

Sterilisation and decontamination

SOEL and EXACT experience

Meet Naila

Before entering the field of dentistry Naila was working as a Biochemist, who graduated from the University of Bath in 2008. After 5 years of working as a Drug Analyst for an international pharmaceutical intelligence company, Naila decided to re-evaluate her life and find her true passion, which led to the discovery of her love for dentistry. She enrolled on the Dental Hygiene and Therapy course and graduated from Kings College Hospital in 2016.

Naila is committed to empowering people to take control of and master their oral health through one-on-one demonstrations, tailor-made oral hygiene education, personalized product recommendations, motivational interviewing, gentle prophylactic dental treatment and regular consultation and follow up. Naila is a patient-focused, hard-working team player, who enjoys interacting with and educating people, and provides a holistic healthcare package for all of her patients